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“ The Golden age is before us not behind us... “

– St. Simon

We welcome you to the best years of your life

The Golden Chapter

Although growing old is inevitable and a prospect that everybody faces, issues on ageing are often relegated to the back burner worldwide. Older people are therefore not provided with the necessary services and resources that would improve their life and wellbeing. Sadly, national policies in Ghana also tend to focus mostly on children and the youth with issues concerning the welfare of the aged featuring minimally in national debate. This unfortunately results in the later years of one’s life being reduced to a dim and unattractive prospect, not looked forward to with great anticipation but rather considered as a period of loneliness and social isolation that must be endured rather than enjoyed.

The Golden Chapter Foundation focuses on creating a healthy environment for successful ageing, where the following five main prescriptions by Jill Shaw Ruddock are achieved…..

The Foundation currently accomplishes this objective through the provision of a day centre, where the new “Five a Day” is promoted through activities that will ensure the golden years of the elderly in our society would be lived with purpose and joy, devoid of loneliness and social isolation. This will invariably improve the quality of life, health, mental, physical and social well-being of older people.


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